Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now Back To The Boys In Red...

Alright now back to business. First thing's first: All Hail Cristiano.

No thumbs up to you, good sir. Alright now that that's out of the way...no but seriously, 25 goals? In 23 games? Really? Revolutionizing the winger position as we know it? And he's great looking? And he throws parties for his teammates complete with authentic Manchester hookers? He's really embracing the #7 shirt. George Best is smiling down from heaven.

Moving on, Manchester United were drawn to play Arsenal in the 5th round (round of 16) of the FA Cup. I couldn't be happier about this draw. Not only do we get to play them at home as opposed to a semi-final that would've likely been at Villa Park or a final at Wembley, but we play them 6 days after the African Nations Cup ends which is most likely when Kolo Toure and Eboue will return after the Ivory Coast inevitably wins.

Update: my colleague Nick over at the Manchester United Offside pointed out the draw isn't exactly ideal as we play Lyon in the Champions League a few days later. Good point but still, I'll take a home draw vs an ANC-weakened Arsenal team.

Speaking of African Nations Cup cha boy Manucho--of former Petro Atletico glory, current Angolan Black Antelopes glory, and future Red Devil glory--scored two in an upset over Senegal. Not getting carried away, all I'll say is he looks promising. And when he scores his first goal for us in the imminent future I will declare the Trawler to be in a state of Manucho Mania.

Looking ahead to Wednesday's home clash vs Pompey I must say I'm cautiously confident. Despite our poor recent form against them and them being a generally stingy team to break down, the ANC has severely weakened their team plus I don't see a viable solution they could have to the boy Cristiano. Still Pompey is as hard a team as any to blow out so I'll predict 2-1 or 2-0 as a final score, with Cristiano quite obviously on the scoresheet.

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