Monday, January 28, 2008

Can't Find The Words

For a title, that is. An appropriate title to the first post I've done in a little over 5 months. What can I say when you study abroad you don't have time for a lot of things--class (academic), sobriety, class (behavior), so on and so forth but I digress--not least of which you don't have time to keep up a blog, especially living in a country as technologically backwards as Italy where the internet goes out about as often as...I don't know it's been a while, it's gonna take me a few posts to get back to my heyday of witty metaphors. Point is, the internet went out a lot. But enough excuse-making; let's get back in the swing of things.

In recent news I've become a Fiorentina fan. After spending a semester in Florence and not having a previous Italian league allegiance how could I not? Add to that the Viola were punching above their weight for a while in the early stages of this season with an impressive undefeated record and a stint at 2nd place in the standings. Two of the highlights of my time in Florence were the two games I attended, a day game vs Atalanta (not at all as bad as you would imagine) and a night game vs Roma (every bit as incredible as you would imagine). Really a cultural phenomenon. The first video is Bobo Vieri's first goal for Fiorentina vs Atalanta, a header off a free-kick from Liverani (the token black guy Anson Carter-type of Italian soccer). A bit hard to see as it was the opposite end of the field but you get the picture. The second video is Adrian Mutu's equalizing penalty kick vs Roma, a cheeky chip from a cheeky man. And the third is a bit of the Viola ultras, the Autonomous Collective, in full voice and some random game action, enjoy. I'll be back soon with another post reaalll soon, promise.

note: the videos were bigger on my computer, sorry.

Bobo's First Goal

Mutu's Cheeky Chip

Crowd and Game Action

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