Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thierry Henry Is A Cunt...One Of Many...

Hey Nicole, your husband is a cunt.
(She has absolutely nothing to do with this post, she's just nice to look at)

I already had read the article with some of the quotes from Henry from the Soccernet interview with Derek Rae, but now I just watched it on Soccernet and I just need to vent about this stupid cunt. Yea he is incredibly talented, but a cunt of an incredibly talented player nonetheless. The nerve, the $%*#%%@ nerve. He sits there and guffaws and blushes at the thought of Barcelona and AC Milan coveting him. Then he does that emphasized "at the moment" I'm an Arsenal player crap. I just wanna punch him in the face, and I'm a United fan! If I was an Arsenal fan I would be absolutely enraged with his actions. He really thinks he's bigger than the club, he won't say it because he's got slightly more sense than Cashley, but you can tell he thinks it. The way he just runs his mouth. And wtf is up with that "at the moment" crap. Wishy-washy is what it is. You either decide to stay at your club, no matter what happens over the summer with coaching or management changes, and you come out and say it or you say you want to leave (are you listening, Michael Owen?).Don't pull this coy I'm flattered by the attention nonsense. No fans deserve to be jerked around like that, even Gooners.

Staying on the topic of cunts, let's talk about young David Bentley, too. This little prick pulls out of England's U-21 squad for the Euro Championship because he wants to make a push for the senior squad. And you decide this now??!? I mean really you can't be serious. Again with the indecision. It's your peroogative to do what you feel is best for your career, however selfish it may be to put that above playing for your country when they need you (being one of the best players the U-21's have). Let's not even discuss the fact that the England manager himself said he should play the U-21 tournament AND HE PICKS THE SENIOR SQUAD.

All I'm saying is stop dicking around. Thierry Henry, Michael Owen, David Bentley, and all the other footballers who I have to assume are idiot savants as they can't do anything right except play football: STOP DICKING AROUND. Footballers have a lot free time to think about theses things; their futures, their careers, their aspirations. They don't do 9-5 and don't have bills to worry about and all that jazz like everyone else. They have enough money that they don't have to do anything themselves except wipe their own asses. So with that in mind is it really too much to ask Thierry Henry and Michael Owen to make a concrete decision about their future and stop jerking around their fans? Is it too much to ask David Bentley to make his selfish decision to pull out of the U-21 tournament in time for Stuart Pearce to call up a replacement? IS IT REALLY??

Ok I'm done. I know, I'm asking too much of these guys who have had smoke blown up their backside since before puberty. They are so out of touch with reality that they really think their behavior is acceptable because they've scored more goals than any Gunner, or they've got more competitive goals for England than anyone else, or they...oh wait a second David Bentley hasn't done shit to warrant such behavior. Ah but this is the trend with footballers these days, they just get worse and worse.

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he is a cunt