Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ok, So Bentley Isn't a Cunt...But The Others Still Are!

After reading a nice little piece on 101GreatGoals by Arthur Antunes Coimbra I've decided to take back the cunt label I put on David Bentley in my previous post for pulling out of the U-21 Euro Championship. Some might disagree with this decision, pointing to the fact that James Milner played more games than Bentley this season and and is also vying for the senior England squad but he's still playing in the U-21 tournament. Well the point Bentley is trying to make is that maybe that isn't the best idea by Milner as he's been advised by senior players who tell him he'll "hit a wall" come October/November if he doesn't rest now.

I still think Bentley was irresponsible to pull out too late to allow Pearce to get a replacement, but he's not a cunt. Thierry Henry and Michael Owen, however, are still cunts. Especially Henry with his latest comments:

"At this moment, I am an Arsenal player and in the same situation as I was last year.

"Last season, people were announcing all over the place that I was leaving. Some people wrote that it would happen for sure but at the end of the day I stayed at Arsenal. It could be the same this year.

"I've not taken any decision and my name is not up on any departures board. If something happens, I will tell everybody."

He goes on to talk nonsense about how chairman David Dein leaving was a mistake, as if that sort of thing is any his business in the first place. Again, thinking he is the club, thinking he has jurisdiction over all that happens at Arsenal. I don't care how gifted a player is (and Henry realllly gifted), no player is worth the amount of trouble he's causing. He's even unsettling the future of Arsenal in budding superstar Cesc Fabregas with his antics. I can hear the Arsenal fans (sensible ones, at least) screaming all the way from North London "Just shut it and leave already!! (But leave Nicole behind!)"

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